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Red Dial Watches at Oceaneva

Posted by Darrell Spencer on

Red dial watches stand out, they are bold, they are eye-catching, and they are not for those who do not want to be noticed.  It takes a certain type of person to wear a red dial watch and they will certainly never fade into the background. What does a red watch symbolize and what does it say about a person who wears one?


People who are drawn to red dial watches are passionate, powerful, strong, and live for the emotional highs of life. If a red watch is a person's choice, they know what they want and know how to take action to get it. They are a formidable and imposing presence; a force to be reckoned with.


red dial watches


Why red?


The color red has a deep, sometimes polarizing, effect on human emotion.  It has been known to represent war, anger, aggression, and dominance. While none of those representations create positive feelings, they do evoke a sense of power and strength.  Wearing red can make those around you see you as a leader, as someone with unwavering confidence, and someone who should not be underestimated.


Red is also know for representing very intense positive imagery. Red is the color of passion and love; the type of whirlwind romances that take your breath away.  Studies has shown that red gives a person more self confidence, and makes them appear more attractive to others. In certain countries, like China and Japan, red is good luck and represents good fortune.  Many places even have women wear red on their wedding day to signify happiness and prosperity.


It is also known to have a long association with holidays; Valentine's Day being one that might come to mind immediately.  The symbolism of love and passion once again coming through associated with red.  Lunar New Year also uses red, but as a sign of luck to usher in good fortune during the coming year. 


Whichever type of emotion you associate with the color red, there is no denying it is a a powerful reaction.  When someone decides to wear a red dial watch,  it will certainly stand out.  A bold choice like red shows that you do not fear catching the attention of the crowd.  That type of conviction will always be powerful and red dial watch wearers know how to use that power.


 red dial watches



Red dial watches are not a new concept, but they are fairly rare. Particularly in the higher quality watch market, red is not a readily available option. While the first ones were released as early as the 1950's, many brands reserve red dial watches for collaborations or limited edition runs which leaves them scarce and rather pricey.  In spite of this, they are always a hit and extremely sought after. The exclusivity makes them desirable to everyday buyers and collectors alike.


 The biggest names in the watch world have limited options for red dial watches, and while they are beautiful, they come with a hefty price tag.


Oceaneva offers a red dial watch at a much more affordable price. It will still have the same quality and high-end look as more expensive models, with the added confidence of not emptying your bank account. If you are looking for a well-built watch, with a good reputation, an attractive look, check out to the Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer II Red Mother of Pearl Dial watch.



 red dial watches


What makes this red dial watch so special?


With the commanding presence and exclusivity a red dial watch brings, it is a fine choice for anyone looking to make an impression.  Finding the right one can be a long process through mediocre prospects. Oceaneva takes their watch a step further, adding a stunning mother of pearl base to the red dial and making it a functional diver watch water resistant up to 1250m. Making it a notable front runner in the search.


 red dial watches


Red mother of pearl dials are even more exclusive in the market than plain red, with only a handful models ever being released with one.  And if you are looking for one on a watch that can be taken in the water for diving; Oceaneva is your only option. It is also limited edition, with only 1000 watches ever being made. If you are in the market for a red dial watch, the Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer II is worth you consideration.


Here are some of the features of the Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer II Red Mother of Pearl Dial




  • Crown


The crown is built to specifications that make it water resistant to1250m; with a screw down mechanism that is triple sealed. This gives it the capacity to submerge fully in water while diving, or any other water activities, without damage to internal components. It also has a sophisticated look featuring their trident logo. This extra detail blends with the overall  refined look of the watch, making it perfect for work or formal events.


  • Case


The case on this watch is crafted from 316L grade surgical stainless steel and also triple sealed to be water tight up to 1250m.  The high grade stainless steel is scratch and dent resistant, so it stays looking sharp even if it is worn during adventurous activity.  The back is engraved with the Oceaneva logo as well as the limited edition serial number out of 1000.  It is classic and timeless, perfect from the surf to the boardroom.


  • Dial


The red mother of pearl dial is both unique and breathtaking. It features a classic analog display with top quality Swiss BGW9 lume indices. Each dial is hand crafted and will glow like fire at the right angles. The dial is protected by scratch resistant, anti reflective, domed Sapphire crystal sealed with a 1.40mm x .45.. O-ring to ensure not water gets inside. It will give your whole wrist a chic style good for any occasion, and when the light hits it nobody will be able to help but look.


  •  Bracelet


 The watch is fitted with a solid link metal bracelet made of the same 316L surgical stainless steel as the case, the brushed outer and polished inner links will look sharp and work in all environments. Even in salt water, which is known to be corrosive, where a lower quality steel just couldn't hold up. The milled, deployment clasp, decorated with the Oceaneva trident logo, makes sure the watch fits tight and remains in place through any activity.


  • Movement


    The watch is powered by the Swiss made Sellita SW200 automatic movement, a movement known for its reliability and accuracy. Swiss made movements have a long history of precision engineering and mechanical expertise, dating back as far as 1530. It is almost more of an art form than just manufacturing.  This means the Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer II will keep impeccable time.  It also has the calendar date at 3 o'clock, two position adjustment, and with a 38 hour power reserve. The Oceaneva watch will keep running all day.  


     red dial watches


    • Water Resistance


    Rated to a 1250m depth, this watch can follow you on any adventure you might want to take. It will go down deeper than you could take it, and come back up unharmed. Scuba and saturation diving are no issue, so never worry about water damage no matter where you go.  The water resistance level on this case design is tested, in both the lab setting and in real world conditions.  When attached to a remotely operated vehicle, (ROV) it made it over 100m past its rating.  Its depth capabilities exceed so many of its competitors; it's a solid quality choice.


    Why Oceaneva?


    Oceaneva is committed three things; quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. They are a smaller brand, but by using high quality materials, not cutting corners on in demand specs, and offering a competitive warranty, they are setting themselves up to be a big name in the industry. They create watches that compare to, or surpass, other high end brands in both the classic styles and unique models found nowhere else.

    This red mother of pearl dial dive watch is a classic design, with uncommon elements and outstanding quality. The reasonable price, toughness, and refined features make it a solid investment piece that will look and perform well for years.  And with only 1000 ever being made, this limited release will sell out fast.  This red dial watch is a best seller, so don't be afraid to make a bold statement with it today.

    If this red dial watch doesn't fit the image you are trying to portray, you are in luck.  Since red dials watches aren't for everyone, Oceaneva's Deep Marine Explorer II collection has 25 other color choices to fit any look you might want to wear.  These choices include other mother of pearl dials, black ion plated watches, and two tone bracelets. There is a watch for anyone looking for a quality diver watch in this Oceaneva collection.

    Take a look at the whole collection here


     red dial watches


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