The Watch Inspired By Aquamarine

It has an air of sophistication that will catch the people's attention and draw their eye to the watch. It is both formal and laid back, with the quality manufacturing to make it a good investment you can enjoy for years to come.  If you're in the market for a new watch,  this one is definitely worth the double take.
The Watch Inspired By Aquamarine - Oceaneva Extraordinary Dive Watches Aquamarine

Oceaneva is no stranger to stunning watches, but is one of the most beautiful in its collection. It has some of their best elements integrated perfectly into the watch; from the crown, to the case, to the dial. It ties simple and formal together in a way that is extraordinary.

Introducing the Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer II Aquamarine Dial. This diver style, 1250m, watch is making some waves; pun intended.  After really looking into all the different aspects of this watch; the research, time, and care that was put into creating it, makes it worth paying attention to. Here is some of that information so you can see for yourself just how well though out this release was and decide if it is the right choice for you watch needs. A watch is an investment and taking the time to see the overall value of a watch before you buy is imperative.  Oceaneva hit the mark on this one.


Aquamarine Dial Watch


What is the inspiration for this watch?


The biggest inspiration behind this watch is the Aquamarine itself. Aquamarine is the name for the mineral beryl. Derived from two Latin words; aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning sea, it literally translates to "seawater". A fitting name given its appearance.

The aquamarine stone is very beautiful; considered a semi-precious stone. Aquamarine has some deep spiritual meanings, but what effects does it have and does aquamarine have any special properties?

It is said that aquamarine gives off a calming energy that can help relax the mind and reduce stress.  It can also help with clarity of the mind, clearing confusion and gaining insight. It's association to water means it symbolizes cleansing, just like the ocean. Some people even believe it helps them overcome their anxieties around communication and promotes self-expression.

It's no surprise, with all the positive and uplifting things aquamarine represents and its undeniable beauty, Oceaneva would take all this stone embodies and try to do it justice in a well crafted dive watch.





Why this Aquamarine Watch?


Oceaneva is an up and coming brand that brings some of the very best watches to the market at reasonable prices. This watch is no exception.  The overall look is very classic, but the build quality is exceptional.  The specs are top tier and this watch matches, if not surpasses, other similar watch styles even with its lower price.

The case is 42mm and made of 316L surgical stainless steel, with a screw down case back that is triple sealed to ensure water resistance.  The case back is also engraved with the Brand's logo and its limited edition serial number out of 1000.  The crown is triple sealed as well with a screw down to meet the water resistance standard and engraved with the trident symbol.

The face of the watch is protected by scratch resistant, domed, sapphire crystal 4.8mm thick and sealed with an 1.40mm x .45mm O-ring for water tightness. Under that crystal is hands and indices with  Swiss BGW9 luminous, a top grade long lasting lume with a powerful blue-green glow.  There will never be an issue use in low light conditions.

Surrounding the face is a black ceramic, 120 click, uni directional rotating bezel. The ceramic is ultra scratch resistant to hold up to tough conditions, and the same Swiss BGW9 lume illuminates the markings.  The inner bezel also has a helium escape valve to release the trapped pressure for deep dives.

Held on by a solid link metal bracelet made of the same 316L surgical stainless steel as the case, the brushed outer and polished inner links will look sharp and handle all environments. The milled, deployment clasp, decorated with the Oceaneva trident logo, makes sure the watch fits tight and remains in place through any activity.

Powered by the Swiss made Sellita SW200 automatic movement, a movement known for it's reliability and accuracy, the Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer II will keep impeccable time.  It also has the calendar date at 3 o'clock and with a 38 hour power reserve, the watch will keep running all day.  

While all these specs are not to be scoffed at, they are not uncommon in the high end watch market. Though in the price range you can purchase an Oceaneva watch, you will rarely find them.  But if there are two things that make the Oceaneva stand out against other watches, both in and above its price range, are these two things.


    1. The mother of pearl dial. 

    Mother of pearl is a very sought after feature in watch dials.  The iridescence that light brings out on a mother of pearl dial is absolutely breathtaking. Each of the dials on the Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer II Aquamarine Mother of Pearl is hand crafted.  It creates a dial the resembles the clearest tropical oceans that bring the calm, serene, feeling Aquamarine is known for. It is sure to garner compliments anywhere you wear it.

     An Aquamarine mother of pearl dial is truly a market rarity, you can count on one hand the number or watches ever released with it.  The likelihood that someone else around you will have this same dial on their watch is almost zero.  So rest assured you will make quite the impression with it.  It's exclusivity, and reasonable price, makes it a great option for everyday watch wearers and collectors alike.


    Aquamarine watch side view


          2. The depth rating

    This Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer II Aquamarine Mother of Pearl watch is equipped with the capability to go down to depth as far as 1250m.  This type of water resistance rating is well above the industry standard. Even within dive watch brands, a watch that can go deeper than 1000m is uncommon.  If you're not sure how deep that really is; the world record for the deepest dive wearing scuba gear is only 332.25m. Even with extremely specialized equipment, highly trained deep sea divers can only go as deep as 700m. So this watch survive at a depth no human ever could. Even if you never plan to scuba dive, just having the piece of mind, that you don't have to take off your watch to go from formal to casual, is pretty nice. You can play as hard as you want in this watch and it will still make it to your morning board meeting with no issue. 

     The Oceaneva  case design on both their Deep Marine Explorer II and their Deep Marine Explorer GMT have, not only, been pressure tested in a lab setting but under real world conditions as well. They are one of very few dive watch brands to attach their watches to a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and send it down to the depths it is rated to, and beyond. It gives irrefutable proof that Oceaneva lives up to the standards they advertise on their designs, rather than arbitrarily rating the water resistance on their watches.  That kind of value and trust is usually only displayed in more expensive watches.

    You can check out the all videos of their watches being tested for water resistance here.



    Aquamarine watch on bracelet

    Why should I buy this watch?

    Whether you are looking for a single, all around, watch or you are a connoisseurs with an impressive collection, this watch is for you. 

    For the buyer looking for a watch for all occasions, it is a perfect mix of function and beauty.  It has a classic, sleek, overall look that dresses up or down and a big enough pop of color to never be drab. It looks just as good with jeans and a t-shirt as it does under a suit.  Plus, with it's top quality materials and sturdy construction, you can transition right to any adventure without having to take it off.  You never have to fear that rain, or swimming, or a trip into the deep parts of the ocean will damage your watch.

    For the collector, the Aquamarine mother of pearl dial is a great addition for you.  It's very likely you don't already have one, in which case it is a would stand out well both next to your other exclusive watches and on your wrist when the occasion called for it. And even if you already happen to have another, this one can hold it own. It's unique enough to earn its place.

    It has an air of sophistication that will catch the people's attention and draw their eye to the watch. It is both formal and laid back, with the quality manufacturing to make it a good investment you can enjoy for years to come.  If you're in the market for a new watch,  this one is definitely worth the double take.

    And if the aquamarine mother of pearl dial just isn't your style, no worries.  Oceaneva's Deep Marine Explorer II collection has 25 other color options to accommodate any look you might want. This includes other mother of pearl dials, black ion plated choices, and two tone optins as well.

    Take a look at the whole collection here.


    Aquamarine watch in packaging