Are you looking for a luxurious, reliable timepiece that will keep up with your adventurous lifestyle?

Then look no further than Oceaneva Luxury Timepieces. Founded in 2018 by an experienced watch industry veteran, this company is dedicated to creating high-quality luxury timepieces that are built to last. Inspired by the statue of Neptune at Virginia beach and passionate about bringing quality over quantity to customers, Oceaneva guarantees not only exceptional products but also personalized customer service experiences.
At Oceaneva , we believe in creating luxurious and high-quality products that are built to stand the test of time. Oceaneva is the only American based watch company to send their watches down to the depths of the ocean for real world testing at both 1623 and 2800M depth. We use an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) to submerge our watches in the true deep of the ocean and make sure they can withstand even the toughest conditions imaginable. Oceaneva is only the 6th watch brand to ever perform these tests globally ensuring it's place in horological history.
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Oceaneva watches are the epitome of elegance and ruggedness combined perfectly into one accessory. The brand has established itself as a premium dive watchmaker and its first release, the Deep Marine Explorer I 1000M dive watch, set the tone for its future model offerings. The brand then released the 1250M Deep Marine Explorer II series followed by the 1250M Quartz GMT, which quickly became fan favorites. Inspired by Ocean Race Europe, the 500M WaveRacer Chronograph was also released, taking Oceaneva watches to a new level of style and class. Furthermore, the brand showcased its mastery of engineering with the release of the Deep Marine Explorer III 3000M watch. The newest addition to Oceaneva's collection, the GMT Automatic 1250M, boasts the latest technology and design, bringing everything fans have come to expect from the brand in one incredible timepiece. With the upcoming release of the Deep Marine Explorer II 1250M Titanium Series Automatic in late 2023 and a Titanium GMT coming in 2024, fans can expect nothing short of perfection from this brand. Stay ahead of the game and sign up for their email list to get notified about future products and exclusive discounts. Take your wrist to the next level of style and adventure with Oceaneva watches.

With unique dial colors and extensive water pressure testing, these watches are perfect for those who want both style and function. Unlike many other brands selling low-quality items for huge sums of money, Oceaneva has created a unique product offering with emphasis on delivering quality at prices everyone can enjoy!

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Virginia Beach Neptune Statue