Discover Your Oceaneva - Define Your Legacy

Welcome to Oceaneva Watches, where timeless elegance meets the pinnacle of engineering excellence. Founded in 2019 by watch industry veteran Darrell Spencer, our brand has rapidly ascended to the forefront of luxury timepieces, committing to a legacy of precision, durability, and unparalleled style. At Oceaneva, we don't just craft watches; we forge icons that stand the test of time.

The Vision

In March 2018, our founder envisioned creating an extreme dive watch brand that would set new standards for water resistance and quality. Combining the word "Ocean" with "Eva," inspired by Geneva, Switzerland, Darrell designed our logo on a sketchpad, setting the stage for what would become a remarkable brand.

In 2020, Oceaneva cemented its place in horological history by becoming the first and only USA-based watch brand to send their watches to the bottom of the ocean for real-world testing, joining an elite group as only the 6th brand globally to achieve this feat. This remarkable endeavor underscores our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability under the most extreme conditions.

Brand Heritage

Craftsmanship & Innovation

Each Oceaneva timepiece is a masterpiece of meticulous craftsmanship, born from the hands of master horologists. Using only the finest materials, such as 316L surgical stainless steel, titanium, nearly scratchproof anti-reflective domed sapphire crystals, and Swiss-made automatic movements, our watches offer both beauty and resilience. With features like 1250M - 3000M water resistance and BGW9 luminous on hands and markers, our watches are built to accompany you on every expedition, whether it's a boardroom meeting or a deep-sea exploration.

Why Choose Oceaneva?

Precision Engineering

Our Swiss-made movements ensure accurate timekeeping that you can trust, day after day, year after year.

Exclusive Design

Promising exclusivity and uniqueness, we design colors and styles you cannot find anywhere else. At Oceaneva, we set trends. Owning an Oceaneva watch sets you apart from the crowd, with a piece that’s uniquely yours.


Designed to withstand the rigors of both adventure and everyday wear, our watches are tested in real-world environments to guarantee their reliability under pressure.

Luxury & Style

Our timepieces are a statement of sophistication and elegance. An Oceaneva on your wrist speaks volumes about your taste, achievement, and appreciation for the finer things in life.

A Wise Investment

Beyond their aesthetic and functional appeal, Oceaneva watches are investments in craftsmanship and heritage. They promise not just to retain their value but to become cherished heirlooms for generations to come.

Our Commitment

Beyond crafting exquisite timepieces, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. With a 4-year international warranty and attentive after-sales support, your satisfaction and peace of mind are guaranteed.

The Oceaneva Experience

In a world dominated by fleeting trends and digital transience, Oceaneva stands as a bastion of enduring value. We believe in the power of a watch to not only mark time but to define moments, embody journeys, and celebrate achievements. Our creations are more than accessories; they are companions through life's adventures.

Join us in celebrating the art of watchmaking. Experience the luxury, tradition, and adventure that Oceaneva represents. Because with every tick, a new legacy begins.

Discover Your Oceaneva. Define Your Legacy.

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