Movement Specific Instructions:

Ronda Z50  Instructions for the WaveRacer™Chronograph 

Seiko NH34 Movement instructions for the Deep Marine Explorer Automatic GMT

Sellita Sw200-2 Swiss Made Automatic Movement Instructions


Thanks you for purchasing a fine Oceaneva timepiece. Our mission at Oceaneva is to bring to market high quality timepieces at a fair price.  We have strived to make a watch with high quality components that will last you many years.  

We hope you enjoy your new timepiece and carefully read the instructions.  By doing so you will help insure your oceaneva timepiece provides you with years of reliable service.

These timepieces are water resistance tested.  To maintain the water resistance always be sure to close the crown tightly after setting time, adjusting date or winding.

Care of Your Watch

The watch itself should be cleaned with a soft cloth and water only (while crown is screwed down) . Avoid getting leather bands wet. Metal bracelets should be cleaned with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Then rinsed with clean water and dried with a soft cloth.
If you have not worn your watch for 24 hours or more, it should be wound about 30 times to replenish its power reserve. Do not adjust the date of your watch between 8pm-4am. Changing the date the date between these time could damage gears in your watch.  Always set your time by turning hands clockwise (turning crown towards you)  Turning the hands counter clockwise could damage your movement. Damages resulting from these actions are not covered under warranty.

Normal sports activities will not affect the watch’s integrity. However, any type of violent shock may upset the movement and the watch’s ability to keep correct time.



To size your watch use included screwdriver (if included with your package purchase) to size if your watch has screws in the links.  For models with push pins (Deep Marine Explorer Models) remove pins in directions of arrows on the inside of the bracelet (using the enclosed tool  if your purchased package includes one).  If you have not sized a watch before or do not feel comfortable sizing it yourself we recommend you take it to a  professional.  Be especially careful with the push pins as you can slip and stab yourself in the hand or fingers.  Oceaneva Watches is not responsible for injury should you choose to size your own watch. Sizing your watch is at your own risk.  We also recommend you wear safety glasses while sizing your watch.

Changing Strap or Bracelet

Your package may have included an extra strap.  Should you wish to change it yourself use the provided strap changing tool (if your purchased package came with the tool) if you have never changed a watch strap before or do not feel comfortable doing it we recommend you take it to a  professional to be changed.  Lugs can easily be scratched during this process if you are not familiar with the process.  The springs bars are spring loaded and can sometimes "shoot out".  We recommend you wear safety glasses when changing your watch strap.   Oceaneva Watches is not responsible for injury should you choose to change your own watch strap or bracelet.  Oceaneva Watches is also not responsible for any damage you may cause to your watch during the process.

Water Resistance

Your Oceaneva of equipped with a screw down crown to keep water out of the inside of the watch.  Failure to properly screw down the crown before exposure to water may allow water to enter and will void all warranties.

Water Resistance Guidelines:

  • 50 Meters / 5 ATM / 165 Feet - suitable for swimming
  • 100 Meters / 10 ATM / 330 Feet - suitable for swimming and snorkeling
  • 200 Meters / 20 ATM / 660 Feet - suitable for recreational scuba diving
  • 300 Meters / 30 ATM / 1000 Feet - suitable for professional diving
  • 500 Meters / 30 ATM / 1000 Feet - Suitable high-impact water sports, scuba-diving and saturation diving
  • 1000 Meters / 100 ATM / 1000 Feet - Suitable for all high-impact water sports, scuba-diving and saturation diving
  • 1250 Meters+ / 121ATM /4101 Feet- Extreme Depth Rated Oceaneva TImepieces

No watch no matter the rating should ever be showered in, worn in a Hot tub or, worn in a Sauna.  The heat and steam reacts differently with the watch that water.  These uses will void the warranty