Causes We Support Diving Oceaneva Watches Online
This is a cause near and dear to the brand owners heart. He has a son that is high functioning autistic. Everyday across America as the autistic kids born in the last 20+ years come of age their lives are often being destroyed by a legal system that has not yet caught up. The lawyers, judges and prosecutors typically have no understanding of autism and ruin their lives with long prison sentences, etc. Often the courts wont even allow their mental disability to be brought up as a defense. These young people (many are minors so media coverage is zero) are railroaded by the system and their lives ruined. Especially if their family does not have money for a good legal defense. Out of all the Autistic non profits across the United States this organization is NOT just trying to raise awareness and collect $. They are doing the real work to educate our legal system and working to get laws passed (5 passed as of 3-5-21) Please consider donating(no matter how small) to help some of the most vulnerable to abuse by our legal system in our society.