ETA 2824 Movement vs. Sellita SW200

ETA 2824 Movement vs. Sellita SW200

Now, if you know anything about watches, you know that these two movements are very similar. You know that they function the same, offer the same versions, and ultimately, pretty much, look the same.

Even though you know that they basically operate in the same way, do you really know how they work? Do you know what makes them different? It's okay if you don’t. There is a significant amount that goes into their construction and it may take some time to fully understand what these movements do and what the subtle differences in them mean for your watch.

We will dive a little bit into what sets them apart from one another and what their similarities are.

At the end of the article, we will also let you know our opinion on which is a better option.

The two options are as follows:

ETA 2824 Movement

The ETA 2824 is one of the most common movements for watches. When this movement was introduced to the watch consumer base, it started a trend among watch lovers and sparked competition among other manufacturers.

This movement is a cheap and easy way to create watches. It took the cost of production down to a level that the industry hadn’t seen before. They were still the same quality, but ideal for mass production, for a fraction of the price.

Watch brands commonly use the 2824 due to it's availability, reliability, and it's relative ease of use for consumers. If you were able to find an item that was a quarter of the price at the same quality, wouldn’t you want to use it too? They have wide availability due to its ability to be mass produced and are found in any number of watches from different brands. But it is still one of the best value movements available, both dependable and affordable.

ETA 2824-2 Gold Plated

Gold Plated version of the ETA 2824-2 Pictured Above



This movement has a power reserve of 38 hours. They have been able to optimize this movement by incorporating successful elements of other Swiss caliber movements into it..


There are a couple of different versions of this type of movement that is important to be aware of. The different versions each have their unique attributes about them.

The four versions are:

  • Standard

The standard is just that, it is standard. It comes in with good accuracy; a range of anywhere from +/-12 to +/-30 seconds a day. It also adjusted to two positions.

  • Elabore

The elaborated version is similar to the standard watch version. Although, the elaborated movement has a better accuracy rate than that of a standard. This elaborated version has an accuracy range anywhere between +/-7 and +/-20 seconds per day. It also can be adjusted in three positions as opposed to the standard's two.

  • Top

A top version of this is superior to the previous versions because it can be adjusted in five different positions. On top of that the accuracy rating on this watch is also improved with a range of +/-4 to +/-15 seconds a day.

  • Chronometer

The chronometer version is certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute criteria to meet its standards for precision and reliability. Each individual movement is tested and it's serial number recorded.


The exact specs of these types of watches are important to consumers as they use this information to compare a watch to another. Watch lovers are avid about the specs of their watch. If these watches don’t meet one thing that they like, they will move on to a competitor that offers that to them.

That being said, below, are the specs of the ETA 2824 movement:

  • Movement Type - Automatic, self-winding mechanical.

Automatic movements are prized by watch buyers above quarts movements. Though they are more expensive, the complexity of a mechanical movement makes them almost and art form.

  • Vibrations per hour – 28,800 bph, 4Hz

This is one of the more important specs in a movement because it will ultimately dictate the accuracy of the watch for the consumer. The higher the number, the better. Watch lovers pay attention to this.

  • Diameter and Thickness – 6mm & 4.6mm

The fit of a watch is extremely important, but the size of the movement itself doesn't play a huge roll in the overall weight and size of the watch.

Sellita SW200 movement

The Sellita SW200 is a bit less expensive than the ETA 2824, but they are incredibly similar in just about every aspect.  When choosing between the two, manufacturers don't have to worry about quality difference, it comes down to personal preference and cost savings for the buyers.

 Sw200 Watch Movement

The Sw200  Pictured Above


The power reserve on the SW200 is 38 hours; the exact same as the ETA 2824


The SW200 also has the same versions available as the ETA 2824

These four versions are:

  • Standard

The standard version can be adjusted in two positions. With accuracy range of anywhere from +/-12 to +/-30 seconds every day. This is the same as the standard ETA 2824

  • Special

The special version of the movement is the same as the Elabore version on the ETA 2824. It has three adjustment positions and an accuracy range of +/-7 to +/-20 seconds a day.

  • Premium

The premium version of the SW200 is on par with the Top version on the ETA2824.  Five adjustment positions and a accuracy range of +/-4 to +/-15 seconds a day.

  • Chronometer

Again, this movement sits at the top of the industry. All certified chronometers must meet the COSC standards for accuracy any reliability.  Whether an SW200 or an ETA 2824, the movement will perform as it should.


  • Movement Type - Automatic, self-winding mechanical.
An automatic movement, just like the ETA 2824.
  • Vibrations per hour - 28,800 bph or 4 Hz

At 28,800 bph or 4 Hz this matches the amount of ETA 2824. It is a solid spec and for the price, you will not find a better value.

  • Diameter and thickness - 25.6mm & 4.6mm

The same as the ETA 2824, but the watches' design will have a much bigger effect than the size of the movement itself.

  • Jewels

The unique part of the SW200 is that it offers one more jewel than the ETA 2824. Placed right below the ratchet wheel, it reduces the friction from automatic winding slightly.


The ETA 2824 and the SW200 are remarkably similar  But, if you factor in the slightly lower cost and the extra jewel, it edges the SW200 ahead of the ETA.  Reduced costs for the buyer while still maintaining top quality makes the choice.

Oceaneva uses the SW200 in their watches because we want you to have the best quality watches at the best rate the industry can provide. We believe the SW200 helps make that possible.

Oceaneva strives to have top of the industry watches and we are crushing those goals by researching and understanding these seemingly small decisions. It is all about working little by little to make sure that every part is perfect in our end product.

You can view our watches with the SW200 movement here.