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How Do You Tell If A Watch Is A Chronometer?

Posted by Darrell Spencer on

The chronometer is an extremely accurate watch and is a highly sought after feature for watch enthusiasts. Only a small percentage of watches have this certification, which is not easily earned.

So how do you tell if a watch is a chronometer?

In order to be classified as a chronometer, a watch has to pass a rigorous array of precision testing.  Over a 15-day period, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) tests the movement of the watch to make sure it adheres to strict accuracy standards.  A chronometer watch must keep time, on average, within -4/+6 or 10 seconds a day.

Chronometers will be marked as "Certified Chronometer" or "Officially Certified" on the dial and the serial number for the individual movement officially recorded.

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