Please Read To Avoid Damage To Your Movement

NH34 GMT Movement Instructions

WARNING! DO NOT change the date or GMT hand while the time on the watch is between 9:00pm to 3:00am. Doing so may damage the date change mechanism and is not covered under warranty.  The the date changes while spinning the hands clock wise, that is midnight.  It it best practice not to set the time turning the hands counter clockwise. 

First Things First: (please read this)

We get a ton of emails from customers  after they buy that don't understand fully how a GMT watch works and think it is broken when it isn't. Below are some important concepts to understand before you get started.

Key points:

a)The GMT hand moves slower than the main hour hand(1/2 as fast).  They will not stay equidistant apart when running. 

b)The main /regular hands are on a 12 hour clock(you have 12 hour markers).  The GMT hand follows a 24 hour clock.

c)The 24 marks on the bezel represent a  24 hour clock. 

d) For each 1 hour revolution of the main minutes/12 hour hand the GMT hand will move 1 hour on the 24 hour bezel clock but the distance the GMT hand moves will only be slight because the circumference of the bezel is divided into 24 parts instead of 12 like the main hand with the 12 hour markers. 

e) How to tell time with the GMT hand:  Example:  The GMT hand is pointed at 13.  The minutes hand is pointed at 30.   The time in that time zone is 1330 hours or also known as 130PM.   1330 is what most in The United States would call "military time" because in The United States the military is pretty much the only ones that use a 24 hour clock as a main means of telling time. 

How to set the time and date:

1) Unscrew the crown counterclockwise(towards you). Wind the watch clockwise 20 times to get it going. It will then wind by your movement when you wear it. 10 hours a day is a good practice to keep it from eventually stopping.

2) Pull the crown out two clicks so the time can be set. Turn the crown clockwise to position the time so it it NOT between 9pm and 3am. You can tell when it is midnight when the date changes. Now you can change the Date & GMT 24 hour hand without movement damage.

3) Push the crown back in and then pull back out to the first click. 

a) Turn the crown counter clockwise (towards you) to set the date

b) Once the date is set leave the crown in the same position and turn the crown clockwise (away from you) to set the 24 hour GMT hand to your desired # of hours ahead or behind the hour hand (the shorter hand) for your second time zone setting.

4) Pull the crown back out to the second click and turn crown clockwise to set the time then push crown back in fully and screw it back down.  Never force it in order to avoid cross threading.       

If desired you can research online about how to adjust the 24 hour bezel for a 3rd time zone while using the GMT hand and the hour markers on the dial for the second time zone.  Many do not realize that a GMT watch can track 3 time zones at once. 

If you follow the instructions above this very robust movement should provide years of trouble free service.