Oceaneva™ is the first American-based watch company to test its watches in the true deep of the ocean. In November of 2021, riding along on the outside of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in the Gulf of Mexico, the Deep Marine Explorer II made it all the way past it's 1250M rating to a depth of 1623M.

The newest model, the Deep Marine Explorer III, has already descended to 2150M in July of 2022 and come back unscathed. A few Months later it went to 2800M and survived (video coming soon). But the full test of its 3000M rating will be coming up in a future adventure, just as soon as the opportunity arises as it is difficult to sometimes get to areas that deep and weather conditions must be correct to do it safely. They join some of the giants in the industry as one of the select few who have shown the quality of their product this way. Only 5 brands globally have ever done it prior to Oceaneva.


There’s a famous statue that sits on the oceanfront of Virginia Beach. It’s a detailed bust of Neptune, Roman God of the sea, facing out toward the ocean as if he’s bent on a purpose. His eyes gaze into the distance and his body leans forward in anticipation of the adventures that await him out on the high seas. It’s a statue that Oceaneva™ founder has passed many times in his travels, and every time it has inspired him. So as he began his own watch company after 13 years of selling high class watches for others, he knew he wanted to make Pro Diver watches that were high quality but at affordable prices. And every time he thought of the 1000M Diver watches he wanted to create, he kept thinking back to that statue of Neptune and the sense of adventure it always invited.

That marriage of rough adventures and high class are captured perfectly in the Oceaneva™ watch Brand. It’s the perfect Divers Watch for every sea-farer, but it’s also the perfect watch for professionals and anyone who wants to display a higher class of watch wear. Oceaneva™ is, quite simply, a watch fit for the Gods. And as such, this watch series will be a limited edition – with only 1,000 will ever be produced of each model.

About the Company

Oceaneva™ is a U.S.-based watch company founded by a watch Industry veteran. After 13 years in the watch industry, selling other watch brands to clients all over the world, he decided to start his own brand. His mission is to bring quality watches to the marketplace for watch lovers. Every watch he designs will have desirable features and a true luxury quality build.