Sellita SW200-2 Swiss made Automatic Movement Instructions

 Winding With the crown in Position A, wind the watch about 30 times. This will power the mainspring of your watch. The rotor will continue to wind the watch as you wear it and keep the watch going. The watch has a power reserve of about 40 hours when fully wound.

Setting the Time: Pull the crown out to Position C to set the time(hours and minutes). The second hand will stop in place when the crown is pulled out to this position. This feature is known as “hacking".

Setting the Date: Pull the crown out to Position B to set the date. Only advance the date when the time is after 4 A.M. and before 8 P.M.

If placing onto a watch winder the winder should be set at Bi-Directional Winding. Oceaneva recommends Arcanent Watch Winders at

Do not adjust the date of your watch between 8pm-4am. Changing the date the date between these time could damage gears in your watch.  Always set your time by turning hands clockwise (turning crown towards you)  Turning the hands counter clockwise could damage your movement. Damages resulting from these actions are not covered under warranty.

If your watch stops while not wearing it (like at night while you sleep) then you likely are not wearing it enough time each day to keep it wound.  Typically it should be worn at least 8 hours a day. You can also wind it some each time before putting on or place it on a watch winder to keep it running when not in use.