Simply because, for the most part, the watch is not cased in Switzerland.  We will explain....

The Swiss Watch Federation Governs the use of the term "Swiss Made" with regard to watches.(As of 3-6-23)

Their definition is below....

Art. 1 Definition of the Swiss watch 

A watch is considered "Swiss" if

  • Its movement is Swiss
  • Its movement is cased in Switzerland
  • Its manufacturer carries out the final tests in Switzerland and 
  • At least 60% of production costs are generated in Switzerland.

So, as you can see, "Swiss Made" does not mean what most think.  The majority of the manufacturing cost in a watch with a Swiss automatic movement is the movement itself. Because of this, many brands having their cases, crystals, dials, bracelets, straps and packaging made in Asia.  The watch is then assembled in Switzerland.  This is a common practice..

So what we decided to do, instead of paying expensive Swiss labor costs, is have the movements shipped from Switzerland to Asia and the watches are cased there.  They are then shipped to us for final assembly which includes: attaching the bracelet and the clasp, assembling the packaging, and final quality control. The quality control includes checking the timekeeping of every watch, on a time graph, to make sure it is within specifications before shipping.

What this is does is saves money on the manufacturing costs, which we then pass on to you the customer.  This is how we offer such amazing prices on the high spec Oceaneva watch lines.  Our extremely deep water resistance ratings are real world tested and we are the only USA based brand (6th in the world) to ever do so. When you combine that with the beautiful Mother of Pearl dials, other unique dial choices, and our commitment to customer service, Oceaneva watches are truly a distinctive value in the marketplace.

You can watch read more about our tests and watch videos at the link HERE